Frequently Asked  Questions

1.    Why has Council decided to proceed with a building expansion for ECC?

Since our first Sunday gathering in Beaumont nine years ago, we have grown to the point where Council and the Core Team feel strongly that a new facility is needed to help share God’s good news message so that as many people in the community as possible (now and in the future) will come to know Him. Eaglemont Christian Church leadership has been confident of God’s simple word to ‘move forward’ since our Council meeting in December 2013.

Ultimately the Faith Expansion Capital Campaign is about far more than a new building. It’s about expanding our faith and serving as many people as possible in our community in the hope of leading them to their own walk with Christ.  

2.    Isn’t this a risky time to be moving ahead on a capital campaign?

Because we view Christianity as a journey, change and innovation are assumed and expected. We believe taking risks, as God leads us, is worth it in order to effectively reach people, and we’re committed to that kind of adventure with our capital campaign.

While the capital campaign and construction of a new facility seem overwhelming in many ways, we are excited about the challenges ahead because we are confident our existing and future congregation – and many others in Beaumont and area - will grow in their walk with Christ as a result. 

As a church we always need a challenge before us or it becomes too easy to coast. If we are no longer doing something bigger than us, we become reliant on only ourselves.

3.    If the needed funds cannot be raised and the campaign ends up being put on hold, or God’s direction for Eaglemont Christian Church somehow changes, what would happen to the funds already raised to that point?

A situation such as that would require us to go back to the donors and Core Team members, as well as the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada district we belong to, for further direction on how the many can be used.

4.    What does the 90% ‘yes’ vote from the Core Team mean?

It means that 90% of the Core Team members who voted affirm that the Holy Spirit is leading our church family to ‘move forward’ with the building expansion planning, including the capital campaign. It means the whole Eaglemont Christian Church family has the opportunity to see their faith expanded by each personally praying and asking the Holy Spirit’s direction about how He wants them to give, and then obey His prompting.

5.    Why is the cost estimate now $6 million compared to the $3.5-$4 million estimate that was proposed last year?

The first estimate range was based on very preliminary plan concepts which had a smaller overall building footprint. Subsequently, a larger nursery area and a complete second floor balcony and mezzanine were added, increasing the cost by over $1.1 million for these design additions. 

Although audio, visual, lighting and security (AVLS) were not included in the architect’s scope of work, we underestimated the initial cost for AVLS. The current cost estimate for these systems is about $600K, more than double our original estimate.

Higher fire rating requirements for the proposed preschool in the basement have also factored into the increase in the initial estimate, as have the addition of:
•    Chattels
•    Construction Financing
•    Contingency
•    GST

Our most recent design concept estimate, which includes all of the items noted above, is currently $5.77 million.

6.    Are those budget numbers in today’s dollars?
Yes, that is today’s dollars. There is some contingency built into the $5.77 million cost estimate to allow for potential changes in those costs over the next few years. That is why the overall budget has been set at $6 million.

7.    What will the debt ceiling be for the building expansion?

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada allows borrowing to a maximum of three times the church’s income for the previous year. Council will vote on whether or not the church will borrow to its full capacity or less when we are approaching $4 million raised through the capital campaign. A congregational vote will also take place regarding debt ceiling at some point in the future.

8.    How will Eaglemont Christian Church cover the costs of the capital campaign such as event costs and promotional materials?

Capital campaigns require some expenditure of funds to manage and communicate information about the campaign. These funds will come from the capital campaign budget, not the church's operations budget, and will be used judiciously. Donations or sponsorship of services and events are also a possibility and would be a welcome gift. 

The Faith Expansion Capital Campaign team also wants to ensure key milestones and successes are recognized and celebrated, along with the commitment of the church family and the hard work of those involved in the campaign.

9.    What if we don’t raise $4 million in this three-year Capital Campaign?

As we all trust God and follow through on our personal giving commitments, as a church, we continue doing exciting and outreach-focused ministry in our community and world. We do what we need to do to steward on-going growth as we give faithfully and sacrificially month by month. As we approach the end of the three-year campaign period, the Council will prayerfully assess what God’s next step is. That could mean an extension of the capital campaign or a pause in our capital campaign for a pre-determined period of time.

10.    How will we ensure the capital campaign does not detract from our mission to know God, love people and serve the world? 
Eaglemont Christian Church’s mission to know God, love people and serve the world is about reaching people. The Pastor’s Council has come to the place of genuinely sensing God’s leadership to move this direction. The vision for the Faith Expansion Capital Campaign is not the new building – it is people - reaching those who do not yet know Christ, and seeing them grow as Christ-followers. We are not going to stop ministry as we climb this hill together. Please be assured that Pastor’s Council and the FECC team are sensitive to the need to continue the church’s outreach and strive to always seek a balance between that and the capital campaign.

 It’s also important to emphasize that the capital campaign commitments we make will be separate from our regular giving to our ministry and global missions commitments.

11.    How will we transition through growth until the new building is constructed, considering the Town of Beaumont has only approved use of the portable for two years?

If space becomes too constrained before a new building is constructed, Pastor’s Council would look at transitioning as soon as possible to having two Sunday morning gatherings. This is something that we have already discussed over the past year and is something we hope and pray would be needed down the road, even with a new facility, to accommodate the growth of new believers coming to Christ and people in the community looking to connect with a church family.

We also have the option of applying for an extension to the permit for portables or rezoning if there is a need for them beyond the two years. 

12.    What will the church do during the three-year capital campaign to get ready operationally for a new building and larger space with more advanced technology, ultimately giving us the ability to reach more people?

That is something Pastor’s Council will need to address. We recognize there will be a need for a transition plan as soon as possible to ensure we are capable of and efficient at managing our growth strategically, and to ensure we are ready for a seamless transition to the new facility with all aspects of our Ministry.

13.    The architectural drawings don’t seem to indicate where the baptism tank will be located. Is there a reason for that?

That is correct – there is not a location yet outlined in the current drawings as a decision has not been made on the location of the baptism tank. We do not believe it’s possible to relocate the existing baptism tank, which is at the back of the stage in the gym, due to its steel construction. Therefore, that is something that will have to be addressed when the more detailed planning begins – whether we include a new baptism tank in the new sanctuary or continue to use the existing one in some way. Pastor’s Council is aware of the    importance of the baptism tank to our church family and all who wish to make a personal commitment to walk with the Lord, so that is a decision that will certainly be made with lots of prayer and consideration.

14.     The drawings show a new elevator machine room. Is that necessary?

Yes, the plan is to relocate the elevator machine room to the new facility to accommodate the need for a corridor to manage the flow of children from the new classrooms in the basement. Because we will need a new mechanical room for the new facility, the relocation of the elevator machine has been included in the plans as well.